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Scope of BSc Ag (Bachelor in Agriculture) in Nepal - Jobs after Bsc Agriculture

Scope of BSc Ag (Bachelor in Agriculture) in Nepal - Jobs after Bsc Agriculture

In recent years, agriculture is becoming one of the most popular fields of study in Nepal. The majority of the Nepali students, after the completion of +2 Science, join a bachelor in agriculture. Students' involvement in the agriculture field is increasing day by day, so agriculture manpower is not limited as it used to be in the past. As a result, chances of getting a good job in the agriculture field are limited and quite difficult too. However, there is a lot of scope for students after a BSc in Agriculture.

Some of the scopes of BSc Agriculture (BSc Ag) and/or Jobs after BSc Agriculture are mentioned below:

1. Jobs in the government sectors

There are various possibilities to join civil services after completing a bachelor's in agriculture. In order to become a civil officer, one must go through an official exam organized by a public service commission (Lok Sewa Aayog). The number of an applicant for the public service commission exam is huge than we expected therefore, individuals must be well prepared before attending the exam. List of some of the government offices:

  • NARC (Nepal Agricultural Research Council)
  • Agricultural Research Stations (e.g., Horticulture Research Station)
  • District Agriculture Development Office
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development
  • Local Level Agriculture Officer etc.,

2. Jobs in Agriculture Banks and other companies

Banks and other companies also offer job opportunities for BSc Agriculture Graduates in Nepal. Some of them include; Agriculture Development Bank Limited (ADBL), Muktinath Krishi Company, etc.,

3. Jobs in NGOs and INGOs

There are such organizations that require skilled agriculturists as their employees. Mostly, the job title is given as agriculture officer in these organizations, and the job duration in these organizations may not be permanent. Some organizations that offer job opportunities are as follows:

  • IDE Nepal
  • FORWARD Nepal
  • CARITAS Nepal
  • KOICA etc.,

4. Agriculture Teacher or Instructor in Schools and Colleges

Bachelor graduates even can become a teacher or instructors in schools and colleges. Government schools with courses in Plant Science from grades 9 to 12 offer job opportunities as agriculture teachers or instructors, as well as, CTEVT I.Sc.Ag provides job opportunities for graduates as agriculture teachers.

5. Surveyor in different survey projects and research

Graduates can also get a chance to become a surveyor in different survey projects and research in Nepal. Many projects often enroll bachelor graduates in agriculture as a surveyor for their research.

6. Jobs in private companies, farms, and industries

Food processing industries and the dairy industry require skilled agriculturists. Some private farms also need agriculture managers to organize their farms.

7. Masters in a Foreign country (International University) - high visa success rate

Generally, in Nepal, the majority of BSc Agriculture graduates go to a foreign country for further studies in an international university. Most of them go to Australia, America, Canada, London, and other European countries. After completion of a Bachelor's degree, students do GRE and IELTS or TOEFL in order to go abroad with a full scholarship. The visa success rate for agriculture students is quite high than other faculty.

8. Masters in Agriculture in Nepal

You can continue your studies in Nepal as well. Tribhuvan University(TU), Agriculture and Forestry University(AFU), and Purbanchal University(PU) offer masters of agriculture in Nepal, though, the seat is limited in number.

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