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Google Scholar for References

1. About Google Scholar

Google Scholar is one of the popular free web search engines (also known as academic search engines) where you can search for scholarly literature. Google Scholar is mostly popular for academic searches. Google Scholar indexes many disciplines and sources like academic journals and books, research papers, thesis, dissertations, reports, abstracts, universities, and other websites. Google Scholar helps individuals to find out relevant work across the world of scholarly research.

Features of Google Scholar:

  • Search and access to all scholarly literature
  • Explore related articles
  • Availability of citation tools
  • Create a public author profile
  • Can directly download pdf of publications (if available)
  • Can check who's citing your articles/publications etc.

2. Google Scholar for References

You can simply use Google Scholar for general references purpose and can easily find out references of articles/publications from Google Scholar with just one or two clicks

  • First, open the Google Scholar website.
  • Type and search for articles/publications in the search bar.
  • Look for required articles/publications in the result index.
  • Click on the symbol that looks like the inverted commas ('') presented below the articles/publications.
  • After clicking, you may see references of related articles/publications in different formats (i.e. MLA, APA, Harvard, etc.).
  • Select required format reference, copy it, and paste it into your documents.

Limitations of Google Scholar:

  • You can only find references but not citation
  • DOI is not available in the references
  • Limited references format
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