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Research  ✎ Sabaiko Notes  - March 22, 2021

1. Introduction

There is always confusion, how to do citations or referencing for research, articles, or thesis paper. Most of the bachelor's students face this problem during their beginning. So, to make clear about proper citation and reference methods, I am going to suggest some of my favorite methods of referencing.

General Concept about citation and referencing

First of all, I would like to give some information about; what is a citation? , what are the common referencing styles or formats? and where do we use citation and referencing?. I suggest skipping this heading(Introduction) if you are familiar with the above questions.

What is a citation?

Simply, a citation is a reference to a source. The citation helps to tell your viewer or readers that certain content in your material came from another source. Usually, the citation is practiced to avoid plagiarism, to attribute to the source, to validate the materials used.

What are the common referencing styles?

There are lots of referencing formats in practice, some of the common referencing styles are APA (American Psychology Association), MLA (Modern Language Association), Harvard referencing, and many more. Referencing style may differ according to the journal, universities, etc. that you are following.

Where do we use a reference?

We generally use reference, during the preparation of research papers, research proposals, academic papers, thesis, journal articles, etc. It is usually mandatory to do referencing in these cases.

2. List of some popular citation and reference creator website

A citation can be done by using a website. There are lots of websites that offer free citation and referencing. Some of them are:
  • Bibme:
  • Zotero Bib:
  • Mybib:
These websites are an automatic citation creator that supports different types of styles (APA, MLA, Harvard, etc.,). These are free of cost and one of the popular automatic citation creator websites.

Extra Information: Usually, most of the people uses software for citation and reference purpose. I personally use software for citation and I would also suggest individual to use software instead of website for the citation and reference purpose. To see detail review and step by step method of using software; Mendely (One of the most popular reference manager): Click Here

3. How to use the website for citation and reference creation (Complete Step by Step method of using the website)


Let's use Mybib website as our citation creator.
Mybib Website link:

Step 1:
First open this link:

Step 2:
After opening the link in your browser, If you want to change the citation style (APA, MLA, Harvard, etc.) click on the citation style already present on the page. After clicking on the citation style of the page, search for your required citation style, select your citation style and save it.
(* Once you change citation style it will remain the same all the time until you change it.*)

Step 3:
After Step 2, click on the green add citation button. Then choose what you are searching for i.e journal, thesis, or books, etc.

Step 4:
After choosing, type the research paper or journal-title on the search box and search (by clicking on the blue search button), if possible mention the author name and date of publication while searching. For example, Seed Germination and Dormancy, Bewley, 1997.

Step 5:
Select the research paper from the result box. You can scroll down if you don't find the one you're looking for on the first page.

Step 6:
After selecting the research paper, you will see the detail about the research paper or journal, if you wish you can also edit the details accordingly. After checking/editing, click on the blue "Save" button located at the bottom of the page.

Step 7:
Now, you can see a ready reference of that paper. You can copy the reference individually (or can also copy/download in bulk after selecting more research papers following the above steps).

Step 8:
To copy reference/bibliography, right-click on that reference you seen on the page. Then click on the "Copy bibliography entry" and paste (Ctrl + V) it into your document.

Reference example: Bewley, J. D. (1997). Seed Germination and Dormancy. THE PLANT CELL ONLINE, 9(7), 1055–1066.

To copy citation, right-click on that reference you seen on the page. Then click on the "Copy in-text citation" and paste(Ctrl + V) it in your document.

Citation example: (Bewley, 1997)

Extra (Optional)
Step 9:
If you add more than one reference on the page, you can download/copy all of the references at once by clicking on the blue "Download References" button located at the top right of the page.

Also, You can create references manually. After step 3, click on the manual entry present in the middle of the page. Fill up all the details and save them. After saving the details, continue from step 7. In this way, we can create references and citations using a website.

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