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Currently, some Agriculture notes are available on our website.

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I.Sc.Ag. (Plant Science) Second (2nd) Year Animal Husbandry note is available now.

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Scope of BSc Ag (Bachelor in Agriculture) in Nepal - Jobs after Bsc Agriculture

Scope of BSc Ag (Bachelor in Agriculture) in Nepal - Jobs after Bsc Agriculture

In recent years, agriculture is becoming one of the most popular fields of study in Nepal. The majority of the Nepali students, after the completion of +2 Science, join a bachelor in agriculture. Students' involvement in the agriculture field is increasing day by day, so agriculture manpower is not...Read More


KU BSc Ag | Admission open for BSc Ag (Agriculture) 2021/2022 in KU

Notice  ✎ Sabaiko Notes  - Sep 20, 2021

Kathmandu University (KU) open application for admission in BSc Ag (Bachelor of Science in Agriculture) for the academic year 2021/2022. Students must appear on the entrance exam conducted in the mode of Computer Based Test (CBT)....Read More


Google scholar for references

Google Scholar is one of the popular free web search engines (also known as academic search engines) where you can search for scholarly literature. Google Scholar is mostly popular for academic searches. Google Scholar indexes many disciplines and sources like academic journals and books, research...Read More


Mobile First: What is Mobile First Design?

When it comes to web design and website conceptualization, the term "mobile first" is given the most priority. From this point onward, a mobile-friendly version is initially developed and subsequently enhanced. Hence, the "mobile first" strategy reflects the trend of people increasingly browsing...Read More



Best free citation and reference generator website

Research  ✎ Sabaiko Notes  - March 22, 2021

There is always confusion, how to do citations or referencing for research, articles, or thesis paper. Most of the bachelor's students face this problem during their beginning. So, to make clear about proper citation and reference methods, I am going to suggest some of my favorite ...Read More


Top 10 websites in Nepal - most visited websites

Technology  ✎ Sabaiko Notes  - June 05, 2021

Nowadays there are lots of websites available on the web, more than we expected. Almost every company/organization has its own website, even an individual person has their website referred to as a personal website. There are almost more than one billion websites in the ...Read More


How to Create a Randomized Layout for Completely Randomized Design (CRD), RCBD, LSD etc. Online?

For any experimental research (like agriculture field research, agriculture lab research), we must always prepare or generate an experimental design. Most of the time we use CRD and/or RCBD experimental design for our research. In past, we used different software ...Read More


Best Chrome Extensions for Accessing and Downloading Research Papers

Google Chrome extensions are small software programs that can be installed into Chrome browsers to customize the browsing experience of the user. Usually, extensions are used to change the browser's functionality as need by the user. Extensions help to add ...Read More


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